Are you selling behind a boring company mission?

Does your company have a mission/vision statement?

How's this for inspiration?

Does your company have a customer service credo?

Does your company have stated values?

These are the principles that your company has set in place to act as guideposts for employees and customers. Every good company has them and most I’ve found are just boring. Same points you see everywhere..”to be a leader in our industry”…”provide exceptional customer service”..blah blah blah. I’m not suggesting it’s not important and I agree that you have to start somewhere, but I see very little originality.

So my question is this.. What’s YOUR Personal Mission Statement?

Customers are faced with many products and services that are all vying to be numero uno. Set yourself apart, be original, go out on a limb and tell your customer what they can expect from you..personally. One of the most challenging and thought-provoking exercises that I completed early in my sales career was my personal mission statement. I later adapted this into a customer promise that I share with many potential clients. I challenge you to complete one for yourself. Set yourself apart from the pack.

This will take time. Here is a great tool to help you along and to help generate ideas: Personal Mission Statement Builder

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