What a Barista reminded me about buying & selling

What a Barista reminded me about buying & selling

A favorite quote of mine by Jeffrey Gitomer ; “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy”.  I found myself loving to buy this week and I wanted to share as the experience served as a great reminder.

I go to a local coffee shop on Sundays to write for my blog and to do some planning for the upcoming week.

This past week when I went to order my usual Cappuccino Smoothie with an extra shot of Expresso, the smiling barista (who we’ll call Renae) asked “would you like to pre-load a $20 gift card and get $1 off your current purchase?”, she added “If I sell a certain amount today I get a bonus!” Since I come here almost every weekend a gift card made sense as I’m going to spend the money anyway, but instinctively I said “No Thank You”.  The barista smiled back, said “no problem” and proceeded to whip up my turbo boosted nectar.

I sat down, set up my computer and got to work. Over the span of four hours I witnessed Renae ask 12-15 people (didn’t keep exact count) if they wanted to take advantage of the gift card. I watched as a few ‘regulars’ cast jokes upon her for trying so hard.  As a conversation builder an older gentleman who had been sitting at his computer voiced his disdain for sales people (uggh!).  I couldn’t believe this was all playing out before me as I was sitting there writing for a sales blog. The topic that I was writing on was pertaining to cynics and overcoming them.  I loved it!

Renae sold a few more gift cards and was within obvious reach of her goal as her enthusiasm increased two fold. For the next customer she added to her pitch “I only have three more to go!”

By the time that I was ready to leave this 16-year old barista had hit her goal.

I only mention the she’s 16 due to the fact that I see men and women twice her age that do not have the wherewithal to apply these fundamental sales principles.

Here is what she reminded me:

  • Always ask for the sale.
  • We all have personal goals, remind customers of them and how they can help.
  • Never let the “no’s” get in the way of the next customer.
  • Are you creating a buying atmosphere that the customer can enjoy?
  • There are always cynics in the room.
  • Do your best, because your next customers could always be watching.
  • Lastly, a $20 coffee gift card is always good to have in my wallet!

Where have you witnessed a good selling job? Share the love on here and let them know with your business!

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