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Some Do. Some Don’t.

Some do.

Some don’t.

Some will,

Some won’t.

Some do now,

Some do later.

Some never do

And say: “See you later”

Some get it,

Some don’t.

Some grasp it,

Some won’t.

Some live,

Some die.

Some ask:


Why it is? Who knows.

It’s just how it goes.

Some laugh,

Some cry.

Some are honest,

Some lie.

Some win,

Some tie.

Some say: “Just try.”

Be curious.

Move on.

Some pro,

Some con.

Some fake it.

Some make it.

Work with it,

Not against it.

Some slip,

Some rise.

Some see

With clear eyes.

You can’t

Change it,

Rearrange it.

It’s the set up,

Just face it.

But you can

Change yourself.

To attract some-

Living Wealth.

Your goal

Your control.

Some believe,

Some achieve.

Some reach,

Some hold.

Some are shy,

Some are bold.

Some grow,

Some won’t.

Some do.

Some don’t.

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