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Some Do. Some Don’t.

Some do.

Some don’t.

Some will,

Some won’t.

Some do now,

Some do later.

Some never do

And say: “See you later”

Some get it,

Some don’t.

Some grasp it,

Some won’t.

Some live,

Some die.

Some ask:


Why it is? Who knows.

It’s just how it goes.

Some laugh,

Some cry.

Some are honest,

Some lie.

Some win,

Some tie.

Some say: “Just try.”

Be curious.

Move on.

Some pro,

Some con.

Some fake it.

Some make it.

Work with it,

Not against it.

Some slip,

Some rise.

Some see

With clear eyes.

You can’t

Change it,

Rearrange it.

It’s the set up,

Just face it.

But you can

Change yourself.

To attract some-

Living Wealth.

Your goal

Your control.

Some believe,

Some achieve.

Some reach,

Some hold.

Some are shy,

Some are bold.

Some grow,

Some won’t.

Some do.

Some don’t.


Sales Bit on Confidence

Sales Bit on Confidence


In my experience coaching sales reps, building confidence is a topic that comes up time and time again. Sales can be tough and with the amount of rejection sales professionals hear confidence often dips. The ability to maintain confidence will make or break any sales professional. You develop confidence in yourself by taking risk and pushing through. Build confidence in your product by becoming a product or service knowledge expert. Talk to past customers and ask them about their experiences. Build a list of testimonials to cement the confidence you build in your product. Surround yourself with confident people.

By developing a process of maintaining and building your level of confidence you will have a much greater influence on your customers and the people surrounding you. People like and gravitate towards a confident decisive person.

Success breeds confidence, but which comes first? That is the trick. We’ve all heard the “fake it till you make it” cliche. Sometimes confidence can be faked, but more often than not you can see right through it in selling situations. Focus on building lasting confidence.

Here are some tips to conveying confidence :

  • Maintain Eye Contact
  • Facial Expression and reaction- Acknowledgement
  • Tone of voice and pace- be strong, upbeat, don’t talk too fast
  • Be a product knowledge expert
  • No wimp words- Ask well thought out questions

Look for situations around you to practice building confidence in your presentation and conversations. The reel tape that you play in your head should revolve around successful scenarios not potential failures. Often times sales professionals lose the sale in their heads long before they arrive at the customer.  Starting off I’ve found  that it’s helpful to focus on being process oriented rather than goal oriented. For example, in building rapport use a simple process that has worked for me:


F. amily (the customer, where they are from, etc)

O. ccupation (how long in position, etc)

R. ecreation (similar hobbies, do for fun)

M. e (transition to you or your message)

To build good rapport you must have good FORM. It’s easy to remember..

Confidence will come with practice, but don’t let any lack of confidence prevent you from starting. Jump right in and begin your process to confidence.


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